Delivering safety and trust with people centered design

Empowering secure spaces: reducing risk, building trust.

We approach every project with the mindset of combining accuracy and adaptability, which are the two words that inspired our company name. As a trusted partner to our clients, we provide expert guidance, support and innovative technology to empower them to achieve their goals. In doing so, we move closer towards fulfilling our mission to create a more trusting future, where communities value and trust technology.

Our solutions enable our clients to thrive in their respective industries, thus promoting a safer and more secure world for everyone. We take great pride in being a part of our clients’ journey and are committed to their success.

Our Values


Through consistency in our actions, our approach is honest, delivering services aligned with our clients’ goals and needs.


We value our partners and staff and engage one another with respect and equity.


Discretion and reliability in all of our interactions is paramount.


We continuously learn and apply new technologies and solutions to solve problems and innovate.


Conducting our business in a professional manner with respect for ethical standards and moral principals.


Clarity, timeliness and brevity are essential in delivering on our clients’ goals and our mission.

Since 1997 we’ve been leaders in customer service and security solutions

From its humble start as a small CCTV company in Kingston, Ontario, Accudapt has grown together with its clients, staying true to its vision and mission. We’ve remained focused on our goal of enabling small businesses to access, afford and operate institutional quality security systems to improve their business. 

Today, we’re delivering security-systems-as-a-service in over 100 buildings, facilities, and campuses across the country. We’re continuing to grow, leveraging new technologies and practices, allowing our clients to focus on their core business in a safer space.
50+ Years of combined experience
Established in 1997
Cameras installed and operated
Operating in over 10 cities