Innovative solutions for ensuring the safety of your inventory

Struggling with theft and cargo security?

We understand that the nature of your operation brings with it a range of security concerns due to the immense value and importance of the goods you handle. Because of this, logistics facilities are often a prime target for burglary and internal theft. We know how detrimental it can be to your operations if a shipment is delayed or goes missing. That’s why our systems are customized to protect the most vulnerable areas against potential threats.

We customize our solutions to address all of the multifaceted security risks and design a comprehensive solution that addresses all potential threats.

Our customized security solutions are purpose built for logistic facilities, promoting a safe and secure environment for all

Minimize Theft

From the warehouse to the transportation hubs - ensure your goods are kept secure with a comprehensive CCTV solution


Through an integrated Alarm and CCTV system, stop intruders immediately before damage is done to your facility or transport vehicles

Staff Safety

Keep staff safe that may be working after hours with an intrusion detection Alarm System

Access Control

Allow only authorized access to your facility or specific areas through an electronic Access System

Cargo Security

With an integrated Access Control and CCTV System, monitor exactly where and when your cargo is delivered or picked-up


Utilize our solutions to help comply with the various regulations put in place

We aim to make it as easy as possible


Get in touch

Through email, phone or in person we’ll get in touch to set up a time to understand your business, introduce ourselves and schedule a visit if needed.


Onsite visit

We visit and assess the area and any existing technology to determine the most suitable solutions to meet your needs and ensure the highest level of security for your business.


Discovery call

After our visit, we prepare and share a comprehensive proposal outlining our recommendations. Then we’ll schedule a call to discuss in detail and make any necessary adjustments based on your feedback.


Create a plan

Once an agreement is reached, we’ll schedule the installation and bring your new system to life. From this point, we become part of your team.