Door Access

Electronic door access solutions for business efficiency

Our electronic door access systems are specifically designed to offer a secure, convenient, and cost-effective solution for managing access to your premises.

Devices for your business

Key cards, fobs and biometrics each have their own unique benefits and best use cases for consideration.

Streamline Operations

Automatically set schedules for specific times or days and grant temporary access to visitors or contractors.

Accurate & Adaptive

Our solutions are scalable and integrate seamlessly with other security infrastructure such as CCTV and alarm systems.

Offsite Control

Easily and safely manage multiple sites and access rights from anywhere with a secure internet connection

Benefits of electronic door access

An electronic door access system provides a range of features and benefits that help businesses manage access to their premises more efficiently:
Increase security - by preventing unauthorized access to your business or specific areas and ensuring only authorized individuals are granted access
Improve safety - decrease the possibility of harm by ensuring people aren’t able to access restricted or unsafe areas
Provide valuable data and reports on who is entering and leaving the building or specific areas and when
Increase convenience and improve user experience by providing an easy to use system
Ability for remote off-site control integrated with a CCTV system ensures secure entry even in the event of a forgotten passcode or access card
Reduce need for excess staff by setting lock schedules for specific areas and holidays as well as manage staff turnover immediately
Cost Savings - while the initial cost may be higher than a traditional lock and key system, door access systems can provide cost savings long-term by saving time on key management, preventing theft and other costly security incidents

We aim to make it as easy as possible


Get in touch

Through email, phone or in person we’ll get in touch to set up a time to understand your business, introduce ourselves and schedule a visit if needed.


Onsite visit

We visit and assess the area and any existing technology to determine the most suitable solutions to meet your needs and ensure the highest level of security for your business.


Discovery call

After our visit, we prepare and share a comprehensive proposal outlining our recommendations. Then we’ll schedule a call to discuss in detail and make any necessary adjustments based on your feedback.


Create a plan

Once an agreement is reached, we’ll schedule the installation and bring your new system to life. From this point, we become part of your team.

Technology as a Leased Service

Our flexible leasing structure enables businesses to afford the system they need, without the worries or burden of maintaining, servicing or training staff to operate it. It lets you focus on what’s important by providing benefits like:
Affordable monthly payment options with no upfront capital investment
Access to scalable professional grade security systems, designed and installed by our teams
Always current hardware and software
Preventative monitoring to avoid downtime
Without a large capital expense, leased equipment remains off your balance sheet and increases the flexibility of your budget
We become part of your team - Accudapt operates, maintains and services leased systems, in addition to training you to monitor and manage it day to day on-site