How we helped a Toronto retirement home enhance profitability and security through CCTV & Door Access

Thousands of dollars worth of deliveries were disappearing within days of arriving at the home

This specific senior care home, located in bustling Toronto, was facing a variety of issues, but the most alarming one was the disappearance of thousands of dollars’ worth of grocery deliveries within days of their arrival at the facility. The home’s management suspected that employees were waiting for deliveries, taking small quantities of these deliveries at a time and hiding them within the facility until they could remove them undetected. Although the facility had a pre-existing CCTV system in place, it was outdated and incapable of providing useful footage to catch the culprits. As a result, management was unable to take action against potential thieves.

The solutions

During Accudapt’s site visit, we conducted a thorough assessment and identified areas in the home that were vulnerable to staff hiding goods. We also discovered blind spots in the existing CCTV system and rectified them by adding additional cameras to provide complete coverage of the entire facility. To enhance security measures, we installed a door access system that restricts access to specific areas of the home, granting entry only to authorized personnel. With this additional system in place, the management can monitor and track who accesses which areas and at what times. In case of incidents, the management can verify the information with corresponding CCTV footage, ensuring that no event goes unrecorded.

“Managing our home is our priority, and thinking about where to place cameras just isn’t something we have time for. Accudapt had the experience to know locations that might present issues for us and made sure those areas were properly monitored.”

Home’s Executive Director

The outcome

The investment in the new security system proved to be a wise decision as it yielded multiple benefits for the senior care home. With the new security measures in place, the home experienced a significant reduction in losses due to theft and employee loafing. This directly contributed to an increase in profitability for the home. Furthermore, the families of the residents expressed their satisfaction with the improved security measures, which provided them with peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones were in a safe and secure environment. The implementation of the new security system helped the home achieve its core mission of providing a safe and secure environment for its residents and staff, further strengthening the home's reputation as a reliable and trustworthy care provider.