How we increased the confidence of families in the safety of their loved ones

Addressing concerns of neglect and improving care standards

A senior care home in the Ottawa region faced a tough challenge when the management received multiple complaints from resident families about the quality of care they suspected was being provided to their loved ones. The families expressed concerns about the safety and well-being of their family members and a lack of trust and confidence in the care home. Management recognized that this might affect the home and brand reputation and decided to invest in a CCTV system to improve care standards and provide reassurance to the resident families.

The solutions

After Accudapt’s visit to the home to hear about the challenges they were facing, we proposed a strategy for where we, through experience, have learned most incidents take place in senior care facilities. We know that the “trouble” spots where residents might gather and incidents happen. We put together a proposal that fit the budget of the home while still addressing areas of concern. The CCTV cameras were strategically placed to offer full transparency in case of an incident and to act as a deterrent for staff who may not be providing the level of care that’s expected in the home. The cameras were used to encourage staff to perform their duties more effectively and with greater care knowing their actions would be monitored.

"We take great pride in the care of our residents and when some family members approached us with concerns, we needed to act quickly to ensure they were happy while at the same time protecting our brand and what it stands for."

Executive Director

The outcome

Within months of implementation, the number of incident occurrences had reduced by 50% over the previous month without surveillance. Families of the residents expressed their gratitude to the home for acting quickly and addressing their concerns and felt at ease knowing there would be some accountability and unbiased evidence should any incidents occur. And with the leased system, the home is able to rely on Accudapt for maintenance and admin type work when it comes to their system. This frees their limited staff of the burden of learning a new system and allows them to focus on the care of the residents alone.